Specializing in aerial panoramas and astrophotography, I love exploring our beautiful world.

Welcome to my photography site! My name is Stephanie Sinclair and I go by SeattleEmpress on Instagram. I learned photography several years ago by shooting sunsets in Seattle, then graduated to blue hour and night photography in the city. I then began traveling around the PNW to photograph our incredible landscapes. Somewhere along the line I fell in love with our mountains of the PNW and spend a lot of time at nearby Mt. Rainier, especially for astrophotography in the summertime. 

I  travel to Alaska quite often to take in the majesty of Denali and the stunning landscapes and Aurora Borealis of the north. Alaska is my favorite destination and I can't get enough of that incredible land. I love aerial photography of the mountains and glaciers, as every photo is a moment in time. I specialize in aerial panoramas, where I take several shots of a scene to create a large and uniquely stunning image. I also enjoy sailing into the Gulf of Alaska to capture images showing the beauty of the dark green seas, marine life, and the rugged coastline. 

Please enjoy your journey through my photos and let me know if you have any specific questions or requests. 


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